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Home Science

As the name suggests, Home Science is concerned with the home, health and happiness of all the people living in it. As a field of specialization, Home Science is an amalgamation of courses from both humanities & science. Thus, representing an interdisciplinary field that prepares young learners for the two most important goals in their lives caring for their home and family as well as preparing for a career or vocation in life. Hence, its scope extends to activities associated with setting home based enterprises as well as consultancies.
Today, men and women share the responsibility of a home and family equally. They need an equal amount of preparation in making the best use of the resources available to make their lives comfortable. In this lesson, you will discover the scope of the science and art behind Home Science and the different professional avenues available to you after specializing in this field.


Home science is one of the recognized professional careers in India. Home science not only deals with home rather, it has opened new opportunities for students in all fields of life. There are broad array of job opportunities in this field such as in schools and colleges, hospitals, welfare organizations, apparel merchandising, restaurants, fashion journalism, service sectors, counseling and cafeterias.
Researchers can seek employment as food scientists, nutrition consultants, demonstrators and research assistant. Sales promotion companies involved in baby foods, ready made foodstuffs and food products also employ home science graduates. Even manufacturing companies hire home science graduates to serve as research assistants.

Remuneration : -

Students, who are willing to pursue his /her career in this field, can earn attractive pay package running from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 every month as a beginner. With experience he can earn more. Graduates having interests in catering, teaching and research field can get good income. Food technologists working in food service department is comparatively more. Dietetics & nutrition professionals' income depends upon their job and area of work.

Students Placement : -

  • Food Industries :- Lab Assistant, Quality Control Manager, Production Manager Coco cola,Vadilal, Amul Dairy, Mother Dairy, Sumul Dairy, Parle, Visco, American Dry Fruit, Britannia, Balaji, Real.
  • Food and Drug Laboratory :- Food Analyst
  • Pharmaceutical Industries :- Chemist (Zydus, Sunpahrma, Cadila, Torrent, Amneel, Intas, Claries, Merck, Concord Biotech, Astron Research, Lupin, Wockhardt, Celmark International, UPL, GNFC, GSFC, Abbott, Novartis, Meril Life Science)
  • Hospitals / Health club / Gym :- Dietician, Sterling, Sal, Zydus, Wockhardt, Spandan
  • Personal Counseling Centre
  • Lecturer
  • Research
  • UNICEF / ICDS :- Program Officer.